November’s favourites: 5 sweet treats to enjoy in London

Here we go again, Monday. A gloomy cold Monday here in London, like Monday itself wasn’t enough to get bogged down as soon as I open my eyes. So what’s the best medicine to increase our serotonin levels, therefore have a moment of happiness? Chocolate. Or cake. Or just whatever you fancy as guilty pleasure.

Here 5 guilty pleasures I indulged in this November:


Couldn’t resist…

Hot Chocolate and Curly Whirly Brownie from Konditor and Cook. First things first, I confess to be a bit fussy for hot chocolate, because too many times I have been given some cheap and bitter stuff that always made wonder about how managers care about the quality of a product and the satisfaction of customers. This little introduction just state how much I actually appreciated Konditor and Cook’s product: one sip of this luscious hot chocolate and you can taste the top quality of a rich bittersweet cocoa at the right temperature, thanks to the amazing barista staff. Then the Curly Whirly brownie, the most popular treat at Konditor and Cook: a dense chocolate chip goodness swirled with vanilla cheesecake, because we don’t want to choose, we want it all! After the first bite I understand why it’s the most famous choice: so fudgy and moist that it melts in my mouth. A silky texture balanced by crunchy chocolate chips and creamy cheesecake. These three types of texture also reflect a harmony of flavours: sweet and bitter married together by the delicate vanilla aroma of cheesecake.


Couldn’t resist, again.

Baked Zebra Crodoughnuts from Dum Dum Donutterie. The founder and doughnut chef Paul Hurley opened Dum Dum with the mission of bringing on the market a baked doughnut which should have been as good as the fried one, or even better. Well, he’s having quite a success and I am one of Dum Dum’s loyal customers, especially after trying the Zebra crodoughnut. Layers of ring-shaped croissant dough filled with chocolate butter crème form another one of my favourite guilty pleasures of the month. This is the one I end up buying often, because chocolate, that’s why! Anyway, I also recommend the Strawberries & Cream and the Peter Andre Yum Yum Dum Dum, which despite the funny name is filled with dulce de leche crème. Or if you are a Nutella fan get the Chocolate and Hazelnut one (in the picture below).


Black Bottom Cupcake from Hummingbird bakery. A classic one for me, because it’s been 4 years after my first and I always go back and have one. Moist and dense chocolate sponge with cheesecake and chocolate chips filling and cream cheese frosting (see a recurring pattern here?). A bomb, of calories and happiness.

Chocolate and banana streusel cake from Timber Yard café. I first tried this cake only a couple of days ago, but it is so good that I feel I need to share it with you guys – unfortunately only  by describing it. The perfect combination of spongy and crunchy textures with different levels of sweetness, from the streusel topping to the banana’s natural sugar and the bitterness of chocolate.

Matcha green tea dorayaki from Japan Centre. if you feel the options above are too much to handle and prefer a guilty pleasure that doesn’t include chocolate, why not getting a matcha green tea custard dorayaki from Japan Centre. Two featherlight soft pancakes that sandwich a delicate matcha custard filling. The overall taste is sweet but with a bitter note given by green tea. A satisfying treat for sure.

What about you guys, what are your guilty pleasures of the moment?

Have a good week!

P.S.: regarding my suspects of gluten intolerance I addressed in this post, I am still waiting to run the test, and in order not have a false positive result, I’m still eating foods that contain gluten (as for example the cakes listed in this article ). Will see how it goes.


January’s list: the top 5 eating experiences to have at least once

Usually as the new year begins, we make a lot of resolutions that -let’s be honest- we hardly ever respect, but I would lie if I said I didn’t make an evaluation of last year and what I want in the future, not necessarily in 2014. I thought about an uncountable number things, and among the less serious ones there is, of course, eating experiences it would be nice to have in my lifetime.

So, here we are with my January’s top 5, actually in this case a bucket list. Don’t worry, there’s nothing weird, at least I hope.

1. Eating at Jiro’s, the best sushi restaurant in the world. Extremely expensive, I know, but food critics say the experience is worth every single penny. Besides, if Katy Perry dines at Jiro’s, why can’t I? I know, don’t answer.

Photo: @katyperry

Photo: @katyperry

2. Ordering a massive burger and giant milkshake at a vintage American diner. This might not sound special but, as European who hasn’t set a foot in the US yet, I always saw Diners in movies and I kind of want to feel like in a scene of Back to the Future.

3. Trying Pierre Hermé’s desserts as they are often described to have the perfect flavour.

Photo: Yuichi Sakuraba

Photo: Yuichi Sakuraba

4. Eating Magnolia Bakery’s cupcakes.

5. Doing an Italian food tour where I can try a couple of typical recipes for each region.

If my wallet allows me, my resolution for the near future is to travel as much as I can, in order to satisfy all my cravings, knowledge and emotions. Yes, emotions, just like when I was moved to tears after tasting the real sushi at Tsukiji market, or when I was treated to a Michelin starred restaurant for the first time last year. Am I a hopeless romantic? You bet, but let’s not talk about me now, because I’m interested to know the eating experiences you’d love to have in your lifetime. So, please, leave a comment.

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And now in Italian.

Di solito, con l’inizio del nuovo anno siamo propensi a fare i così detti “buoni propositi” che, siamo onesti, non rispettiamo quasi mai. Mentirei se dicessi che non ho fatto un bilancio dello scorso anno e di quello che vorrei per il mio futuro, non necessariamente per 2014. Ho perso il conto delle cose a cui ho pensato, ma tra le meno serie ci sono le esperienze culinarie che mi piacerebbe fare almeno una volta nella vita.

Quindi, ecco la mia lista. Non c’è niente di strano, o almeno credo.

  1. Mangiare il miglior sushi del mondo da Jiro, costosissimo, ma i critici dicono che vale ogni centesimo speso. E poi, se ci va Katy Perry, perché non posso andarci io? Ok, lo so il perché.

  2. Ordinare un hamburger e un milkshake giganti, in un diner americano vintage. Lo so, non suona come una cosa particolare, ma per me che non ho mai messo piede negli Stati Uniti, sarebbe come ritrovarsi in un film, come essere in una scena di Ritorno al Futuro.

  3. Assaggiare i dolci di Pierre Hermé, perché si dice che il loro sapore rasenti la perfezione.

  4. Provare le cupcakes di Magnolia Bakery.

  5. Fare un tour delle regioni italiane, assaggiando più di un piatto tipico per ognuna.

Se le mie finanze lo permetteranno, il mio proposito per il futuro è di viaggiare il più possibile, per soddisfare la mia fame di cibo, conoscenza ed emozioni. Sì, emozioni, come quando ho provato il vero sushi al mercato di Tsukiji e mi sono commossa, oppure la prima volta che ho mangiato in un ristorante stellato. Sono un’inguaribile romantica? Ci potete scommettere, ma basta a parlare di me, perché vorrei sapere quali sono le esperienze culinarie che vorreste fare nella vita.

Lasciatemi un commento.

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