About me

Fortune cookie

My name is Francesca, nice to meet you!

At the moment I am an Italian translator, food journalist/writer wannabe, with a spasmodic passion for food, perfectly normal considering my nationality, right?

I spent most of my childhood in my Nonna’s kitchen eating raw gnocchi and learning the traditional cuisine of my region, Molise. However, my passion for languages and travels has always encouraged me to eat and cook food from other cultures, because I believe that food is like a universal language that can tell stories about people and places.

Food I could never live without: tomatoes, seriously, I love chewing cherry tomatoes as a snack.

Food I’m not crazy about: tripe.

If I were a food I’d be: sashimi, simple and elegant with a natural excellent flavour.

It’s not all about food though, I also love dogs, in fact, I have a cocker spaniel named Milla who is crazy about food as well. Who can blame her?!

I live between Italy and the UK (no, not France), but I hope to move to Japan someday.

I don’t know what my future holds, but I like to picture myself in a house where there’s always food on the table, together with my two dogs, a Golden Retriever and a Shiba Inu. Pretty much the definition of a happy life, right? *fingers crossed*


And now let’s speak Italian!

Per il momento, faccio la traduttrice con aspirazioni giornalistiche e una spasmodica passione per il cibo, il che è perfettamente normale considerando il fatto che sono italiana, o no?

Da piccola ho trascorso molto tempo in cucina con mia Nonna, mangiando i suoi gnocchi crudi e imparando la cucina tradizionale della mia regione, il Molise. In seguito, la mia passione per le lingue e i viaggi, mi hanno spinta a provare e cucinare cibi appartenenti ad altre culture, perché credo che il cibo sia una lingua universale che può raccontare storie di posti e di persone.

Cibo di cui non posso fare a meno: pomodori, mi piacciono soprattutto i pomodorini e li mangio così come sono.

Cibo che non mi fa impazzire: trippa.

Se fossi un cibo sarei: sashimi, semplice, elegante con il suo sapore naturale ma allo stesso tempo raffinato.

Il mio mondo non è basato del tutto sul cibo però, infatti adoro i cani. Ho un cocker spaniel di nome Milla a cui, come me, piace mangiare. Come darle torto?!

Vivo tra l’Italia e il Regno Unito (che non significa la Francia), ma spero di trasferirmi in Giappone un giorno.

Non so cosa mi riserverà il futuro, ma mi piace pensarmi in una casa dove il cibo non manca mai, in compagnia dei miei due cani, un Golden Retriever e uno Shiba Inu. Praticamente quello che definirei una vita felice. *Incrocio le dita*


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Argh, I can’t stand tripe! Then again, I’ve only had it served in Vietnamese pho noodle soup. It is so chewy, by the time I finish swallowing it, my soup has gotten cold!

    My mother has a Shiba Inu! He is a very bad boy despite all of our efforts to train him. Still, he is very beautiful and we are always stopped on the street when walking him so people can compliment him. We are also often asked if he is a fox…..LOL.

    • I would love to try Pho soup, but maybe the type without tripe.

      Shibas are so cute but yes, they are stubborn. That’s what I’m worried about, but fortunately my partner is patient, so he’s going to train him/her. Which means I’ll get the cuddle part 🙂

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